Watt Hood Hair Dryer

0503 - WHD
Hairdressers Inductors

The Red by Kiss 1875 Watt Bonnet/Hood Hair Dryer is your styling solution for natural hair drying, hair roller settings, hot treatments, color processing and much more. With professional, 1875-watt, long-lasting, dual motors, this item provides salon-quality results in no time. It also gives you the ideal hands-free drying experience. The extra-large hood space offers 15 percent more coverage to fit most hair rollers, even jumbo sizes. This salon hood hair dryer features ceramic tourmaline technology that eliminates frizz to create healthy, shiny and long-lasting results. Equipped with four heat settings, adjustable height control and an easy fold-up with hood release latch, this dryer is a compact and easily portable item. Red by Kiss Salon 1875 Watt Hood Hair Dryer

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