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Besmall Instant Magic Silky Straight Hair Styling Hair Straightening Brush Hair Iron with Security Certificate , Anion Hair Care, Anti Scald, Zero Damage 
1. HIGHLY EFFECTIVE - Our hair straightener combines a simplistic, appealing design with in-built safety and ultimate functionality to give you an accessory that beats all other hair straightening products. The Digital Hair Straightener brush takes 2-4 minutes to heat up depending on the temperature settings and significantly reduces hair straightening time compared traditional flat hair straighteners. 
2. NEW UPGRADED AND SAFER - Anti Scald, Prevents Excessive Heat, Anti Static. Max 450?H(230??), Auto Keep Constant Temperature at 365?H(180??) for All Types of Hair, Customized Set 410?H(210??) for Natural Texture Hair, 450?H(230??) for Thick or Wavy hair, Effortless and Efficient Straightening Styling. LCD Thermostat, 360 Degree Rotatable Wire Avoids The Wire Twining. 
3. PLUG & PLAY HAIR ACCESSORY - Ready to use,stress-free hair straightener. No bending brushes or rough handles. Works straight out of the box, for both men's and women's hairs. It's as easy as straightening your hair while brushing it with this hair straightener. Use it like a regular hair brush and apply pressure to different sections of hair as required for styling, gives your hair a smooth, natural silky look rather than burnt flat look you get from traditional flat hair straightener. 

Besmall hair straightener brush will let your dream come true! This cheap hair straightener brush is safe and easy to use. The scald-free heat, innovative design and natural work in tandem to make hair brushing the least of your worries, every day. You can set the desired temperature using the LED screen, and commence brushing. The product results in smooth, straight hair. You can experience gorgeous sleek salon hair styles every day at home, in hotel or anywhere you want. 

Different Temperature Settings for Different Hair Types 

1. Thin, fine or bleached hair: use 150??/302?H 
2. Dyed or Dark colored hair: use 170??/338?H 
3. Normal or Slightly curly hair: use 190??/374?H~210??/410?H 
4. Thick, curly and wavy hair: use 230??/446?H 

Operation Instructions 
1.For thicker and curls hair 
210-230 degrees Celsius are generally selected 
2.For common hair 
190-210 degrees Celsius are generally selected 
3.For thin and soft hair 
170-200 degrees Celsius are generally selected 
It's recommended that you select the highest temperature at first,and then decrease temp level on the basis of your hair quality. 
Centigrade to Fahrenheit convert: press "+"-"at same time,Press once,5 degrees of change. 
10 Rates of adjusting temperature , every rate can change 5 degrees Celsius 

1.Please keep hair dry and neatly groomed before using. 
2.Insert the plug into proper the socket. 
3.Turn it on and adjust the temperature, you can use when the temperature reach what you want. 
4.In the process of using, one hand pulls hair end and comb with straighter. 
5.If you want to keeps straight hair last longer, please use hair styling lotion and softener lotion and wash clean before hair straightening. 
6.It should not clip too much hair, if you want to clip more hair, you should be slow down the speed in the process of drawing. 
7.It will be turned off by an hour automatically, turn it on when you use again.Brush Hair Straightener,Besmall Massage Straightening Irons. 
8.Black hair straightener brush, which is suitable for women, men and children. 

Package Including: 
1 x Hair Straightener 
hair straightener hair iron 
hair straightening brush

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