Hunter and Udi Yesterday - Nargis Omran

While I was still in peace, I was overwhelmed with a light weapon, eyes of Lazord and a heart of pomegranate blood. Even the whiteness of the foliage of my skin was cleansed.
Droppi was making her way into space without wings, and Menni was urging her to penetrate space without weapons.
And my soul, I am surrounded by paradise,
And I am on every slope of my body, I find him Sonsa and estrangement and the skin of a ostriches and if not yet complete sense in my senses.
I saw the dawn washing me with dew from behind the hills of fatigue
I will wait for the shellfish tomorrow or after it, a pearl, and a guitar. And a song on the lips of butter.
But I was a convoluted convict, convinced that satisfaction would make me a queen
And my happiness, and the cold does not find in my contacts theater for the role of starring.
And between the chapters of the challenge turns to Compass sights on the foot.
What was wiping the sweat of the boot in the midst of speech, only the touch of promise of a marble, of marble, of the dream of raising it with me since I loved on the leaves of the book.
Today, I am building my age so that he may leave a mark for me.
I will pierce my eyes from my soul in my hand
And I will wash with my tears like the clouds of clouds that will perish from my misery
I finished with a bit of my ear whining that ripped through my scalp
Do not stop ... Do not wake up ...
Even though the loss is unseen, he loved me with loyalty
It is not enough for you to stop
And he stole from all his gift without hypocrisy
Also do not miss
The laughter was silenced in the anklets of young men
He left me in the womb of a bud. He did not inhale after the grace of development
Losses ...
The loss .... managed me to even possess me
Mute pronunciation in the throat of the spelling
Today it is Hodge to leave in the midst of existence
I'm sure I'm not about to complete, and I'm not too bad
And completed the remainder of the balance of insistence.
Despite the sadness and sadness of the cheese and I follow where the pasts of the past brought me memories.
To the point where I am performing with tenderness, I am wrapped in the safety of my clothes, my hair and the serpent
The most complete and most famous type of pink weapon
So I see the challenge.
So be on the level of waiting in your velvet world, the meeting is destined to come crashing in the trap of my uncle, be a hunter and Uday.

Nargis Omran

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