Professional Makeup Brush Set, 11-Pc Set with Comfortable Wood Handles Great for Precision Makeup

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"GREAT FOR APPLYING CREAM, POWDER, AND LIQUID MAKEUP: These brushes are so diverse and come in so many sizes that you can use them for various types of makeup. Whether you use cream, liquid, or powder makeup, you will love using our brushes to evenly distribute the product over your face.CREATED BY PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP ARTISTS: Our 11 Piece Makeup Brush Set is both affordable and designed by profressional makeup artists! They made these brushes with the knowledge of how to create the best applicators so that even if you are not a professional, with these brushes you will always look like one!" "The Beauty Bon 11 Piece Makeup Brush Set is Here to Give You the Best Professional Makeup ExperienceIf you love to put on makeup, then you know the struggle of finding makeup brushes that work well and dont disappoint. Beauty Bon, a leader in high-quality, affordable makeup brushes and applicators, offers an ultra luxe and soft brush set, which is perfect for applying all kinds of makeup. Build concealer, foundation, or loose powder to create the perfect coverage and complexion, or create the best eyebrows with the angled brush. Make a simple natural eye, or a sexy smoky eye - any look will make you magazine-cover worthy when you use this brush set, which is plush enough for even the most sensitive skin, and does not tug at your skin or fall apart when used. Beauty Bon has created a makeup brush set that applies your makeup perfectly, is economical, and is made of only the highest quality products.This set features a diverse selection of professional brushes for every step in your daily makeup routine! We make it easy for you to expertly blend, contour, define and highlight your best features with our with precision brushes. Within our set we have a foundation brush, blush brush, blending brush, angled brow liner and more! You can take your makeup skills to the next level with our set. We make it very easy to blend makeup seamlessly with this essential brush collection. Our 11 Piece set also comes with a free holder!Product Information: This is a 11 Piece Makeup Brush Collection: 1 x Eco Kabuki Brush 1 x Flat Top Brush 1 x Long Handle Kabuki Brush 1 x Blush Brush 1 x Foundation Blush Brush 1 x Blending Brush 1 x Angled Brow Liner Brush 1 x Eye Kabuki Brush 1 x Eyeshadow Brush 1 x Eye Blending Brush 1 x Concealer Brush FREE 

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